Burhi Dehing - a river suffering from years of plastic pollution.

A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.
-Laura Gilpin
Burhi Dihing, a tributary of the Brahmaputra river- flowing through Margherita, enriching it with life and beauty. Over the years a temple and a large and diverse market has taken its root near the river bank. Once a picnic spot, the river bank has sadly turned into a dumping ground for the shopkeepers and families that have illegally built their homes near the home. Although the workers of Town Committee is responsible for collecting waste from the markets near the river but the workers rarely collect waste.

When no concerned authorities were taking any action, no political parties wanted to solve the problem, the youths of the locality took the matter into their own hands. Students and x-students of Margherita College formed the team Xohai-the helping hand and have began cleaning the river ever since. You can see them cleaning the Burhi Dehing every alternate Sunday.

burhi dehing clean up

Burhi dehing cleanup

Xohai-the helping hand

Governors of Northeast states of India

List of Governors of Northeastern states of India:

State Governor Portrait
 1. Arunachal Pradesh B. D. MishraGovernor of Arunachal Pradesh B.D. Mishra
 2. Assam Jagdish MukhiGovernor of Assam Jagdish Mukhi
 3. Manipur Najma HeptullaGovernor of Manipur Najma Heptulla
 4. Meghalaya Tathagata RoyGovernor of Meghalaya Tathagata Roy
 5. Mizoram P.S. Sreedharan PillaiGovernor of Mizoram P.S. Sreedharan Pillai
 6. Nagaland R. N. RaviGovernor of Nagaland R. N. Ravi
 7. Sikkim Ganga PrasadGovernor of Sikkim Ganga Prasad
 8. Tripura Ramesh BaisGovernor of Tripura Ramesh Bais

Who is a Governor 
for a state of India?
A Governor of a state is generally a public official appointed by the president for tenure of 5 years. All executive actions of a state are taken in the name of the Governor. A Governor also enjoys many Legislative Powers, Judicial powers and Emergency Powers.

Who appoints: A Governor is appointed by the President (Article 155).

Tenure: 5 Years.

Powers of a Governor:
  • A governor has the power to grant pardons, postpone punishments (Article 161).
  • No financial bill can be originated in the state legislature without the Governor’s recommendation.
  • The Governor must approve a public bill for it to become an Act.
  • The Governor shall in respect of every financial year cause to be laid before the House....a statement of the estimated  receipts and expenditure. (Article 202).
  • The Advocate General of the state is appointed by the governor (Article 165).
  • The Chief Minister and other ministers for the state are appointed by the governor (Article 164).
For more details about the different powers enjoyed by a Governor, visit the Kerala government website

Qualification to become a Governor:
  • Must be a citizen of India (Article 157),
  • Should be at least 35 years old (Article 157),
  • The governor shall not be a member of Legislature or Parliament (Article 158),
  • Shall not hold any office of profit (Article 158).
  • Shall be entitled to without payment of rent to the use of his official residences (Article 158)

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Districts of Sikkim

Districts of Sikkim - Sikkim is a northeastern state of India with a population of 652,863 (as of 2019) with it's capital at Gangtok.

There are 4 districts in Sikkim each district is governed by a district collector or a district magistrate who is responsible for the civil administration of the district. These districts can be further divided into 16 subdivisions which are governed by a sub-divisional magistrate.

List of Districts of Sikkim

Map of districts of Sikkim
Map of Districts of Sikkim

DistrictsArea (sq.km.)Population (2011)
1. East Sikkim954281293
2. North Sikkim422643354
3. South Sikkim750146742
4. West Sikkim1166136299

How to verify and correct Voter Id details on nvsp.in

Verification / Correction of Voter ID details- 

The last date for online verification and correction of voter ID has been extended till November 18 for all the states of India like Assam, Karnataka Tamil Nadu etc. For Delhi, however, October 31 is the last date. You can verify and correct wrong voter id online.
Here is the step by step guide to verify and correct your voter id online at www.nvsp.in.
To verify your Voter ID follow the following steps.
  1. Go to National Voters' Services Portal. (www.nvsp.in)
  2. Click on Login/Register on the lower left corner.
    Voter id verification Assam

Places To Visit In Guwahati

Top Places To Visit In Guwahati - Are you looking for the top beautiful tourist destinations in Guwahati? We have put together a list of best places that you can visit in Guwahati.
Top Places To Visit In Guwahati

Top Tourist attractions or places that you can visit in Guwahati

Foxtail Orchid (Rhynchostylis retusa) or Kopou Flower

Foxtail Orchid The state flower of Assam

Foxtail Orchid or Rhynchostylis retusa the State flower of Assam
Foxtail Orchid

English Name: Foxtail Orchid
Scientific Name: Rhynchostylis retusa
Family: Orchidaceae
Genus: Rhynchostylis
Species: R. retusa
Assamese Name: কপৌফুল (Kopou Ful)
Hindi Name: द्रौपदी माला (Draupadi Mala)

Districts of Tripura

Districts of Tripura - Tripura is a northeastern state of India with a population of 3,671,032 (as per census report of 2011) with it's capital at Agartala.

Originally Tripura was divided into 4 districts but as of 21 January 2012 Tripura is divided into 8 districts, each governed by a district collector or a district magistrate. These Districts can be further divided into 23 subdivisions which are governed by a sub-divisional magistrate.

List of Districts of Tripura

Map showing Districts of Tripura
Districts of Tripura

DistrictsArea (sq.km.)Population (2011)Literacy Rate (%)
1. Dhalai240037798888.82
2. Gomati1522.843686886.19
3. Khowai1005.6732739188.37
4. North Tripura1444.541594688.77
5. Sepahijala1044.7848423384.14
6. South Tripura1534.243373785.09
7. Unakoti591.9327733587.58
8. West Tripura942.5591753491.69