All About Assam (Axom)

All About Assam(Axom)Assam (Axom) is a northeastern state of India with a population of 35,498,714 (2019). Assam is divided into 33 districts, headed by the Deputy Commissioner(DC).
Assam is famous for its one-horned rhino, indigenous silk known as golden muga, white pat and warm eri silk. Digboi oil refinery-the oldest refinery in Asia is in Assam.

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Map of Assam

All about Assam Map
Map of Assam

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 Districts and Divisions of Assam.

Picture of a girl making gamusa
A Handloom Weaver

History Of Assam

The State of Assam has a very interesting history attached to it.

Picture of Rang Ghar, located in Sivasarar
Rang Ghor

Ancient Assam was known as Kamrupa. During 12th to 13th century the major communities of Kamrupa were Koch, Kacharis, Chutias, and Ahoms.

The Ahoms entered Assam in 1228 AD after crossing the Patkai mountains.  A Tai prince named Chao-Lung Sukaphaa led the Ahoms from the Yunnan province of China. The Ahoms ruled for 600 years.

The rule of the Ahom dynasty ended with the Burmese invasion of Assam and later the Burmese dynasty, in turn, was annexed by the British East India Company resulting in the signing of the Treaty of Yandaboo in 1826. Assam came under the British emperor and thus begun the colonial era of Assam.

Assam became a separate province in 1874  with its capital as Shillong. Assam became a constituent state of India in 1950. The capital of Assam was later shifted to Dispur, a locality of Guwahati, in 1972.

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Geography of Assam

Assam is located in the north-eastern part of India. It has an area of 30,285 square miles (78,438 sq. km). The capital of Assam is Guwahati.

  • Neighbors of Assam:
Assam shares its domestic border with the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, and West Bengal and the international border with Bangladesh and Bhutan

  • Assam's Climate:

Assam enjoys a Tropical Monsoon climate with heavy rainfall. The summers are warm and mild winters.

Languages And Culture:

Photo of a girl with Japi
Girl with Japi


Assamese is the official language of Assam, and it is also one of the 23 official languages recognized by the Republic of India. Other languages spoken in Assam are Bodo, Bengali, and English.

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Festivals of Assam

Assam has a rich cultural heritage. Most of the festivals symbolize the spirit of togetherness. The major festivals celebrated in Assam are:


Picture of women lighting a diya picture of man dancing bihu Picture of burning mjji
Irrespective of caste, creed, religion or belief, it is celebrated with joy and abundance by all Assamese people.

Mae Dum Mae Phi

Mae Dam Mae Phi in Margherita
Mae Dam Mae Phi in Margherita

It is an Ahom festival where ancestors are worshiped. Mae Dam Mae Phi is observed by the whole Ahom community.

Ambubachi Festival

picture of devotees in Ambubachi festivals
Devotees in Ambubachi festivals
It is celebrated every year in mid-June in the Kamakhya temple of Guwahati.

Majuli Festival

Procession during Majuli Festival
Procession during Majuli Festival
It is celebrated on the bank of River Luit from  21st of November each year till 24th of the same month. 

Dehing Patkai Festival 

glimse of Dehing Patkai Festival
Tribal Dance at Dehing Patkai Festival

The Dihing Patkai Festival is held at Lekhapani in Tinsukia district of Assam every year in January. The festival incorporates indigenous Assamese communities fairs, tea heritage tours, golfing, adventure sports, and wildlife pleasure trip.

Ali Ai Ligang

Photo of traditional Ali Ai Ligang celebration
A scene of Ali Ai Ligang
It is a mishing community festival of sowing. Ali AI Ligang is celebrated every year in mid-February

Ras Lila in Majuli

Photo of stage performance during Ras Lila in Majuli
Stage Show during Raas
The Raas Lila is a famous festival of Assam being performed on the full moon day (Purnima) in the months of October-November (Kati- Aghun) during the autumn season. The Raas Lila is the story of the life of Lord Krishna presented in the performing art form.

Karam Puja:

People worshiping during Karam Puja
Karam Puja Worship
Celebrated mainly by tea tribe communities of Assam to gain the favor of "Mother Earth".

Baishagu Festival

A photo of Baishagu Festival
Baishagu Festival
It is celebrated by the Boro Kachari tribe in mid-April on the advent of a new year.


The dishes of Assam are extremely tasty and mouth-watering.

A picture of Khaar
Khar is prepared with sun-dried skins of banana.  A traditional meal invariably begins with a khar dish which is a mixture of khar with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian ingredient.


Photo of Pithaa
Pithaa are very famous dish. They are home-cooked sweet dish usually served with tea or jolpan.

Duck Meat Curry

Duck Meat Curry
Duck Meat Curry
Duck Curry in Assam is prepared on special occasions with white gourd or pumpkin.

Maasor Tenga

Photo of Sour Fish Curry
Sour Fish Curry
It is a sour fish curry prepared with tomato and lemon.

Aloo Pitika

Photo of Mashed potato
Mashed Potato with Coriander
Mashed potato with mustard oil is simple yet taste bud tickling experience. Onion, coriander, and salt sprinkled to taste bring out its soft and spicy texture.

Xaak aru bhaji

Photo of Xaak Bhaji
Xaak Bhaji
Usually consumed with rice or roti. They are a regular vegetarian side dish of the Assamese people.

Ou Tenga dish

Photo of Elephant Apple dish
Elephant Apple dish
It is a sweet and sour dish prepared with elephant apple and jaggery.

Paro Manxho

Photo of Cooked Pigeon Meat
Cooked Pigeon Meat
A perfect winter dish. Pigeon meat with koldil (or banana flower) tastes so delicate yet exotic.


Photo of Fried Silkworm
Fried Silkworm
It is an exotic north-eastern dish where silkworm larvae are fried with spices.

Baagajor Mankho

Photo of Meat with bamboo shoot
Meat with bamboo shoot
It is a unique non-vegetarian dish prepared with bamboo shoot along with chicken or pork.

Education in Assam

Assam has an impressive track record with education. As per the 2011 Census, the literacy rate of Assam is 73.18%.

In Assam, primary education is imparted by schools, while for higher education there are Colleges and Universities. School education in Assam is imparted through a number of pre-primary, primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools.

The Government of Assam has implemented free and compulsory education for students up to the age of 14.

Schools in Assam are either state-run or under the management of private organizations.

Some of the best schools in Assam are

Photo of Teachers and Students in a group of Parijat Vidyalaya Margherita
Group Photo of Teachers and Students

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Oil Vally School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya
  • Carmel School
  • Don Bosco High School
  • Sainik School
  • Saint Mary’s School
  • Parijat Vidyalaya, Margherita
  • MPHS School

Some Universities of Assam are

A picture of front gate of Dibrugarh University
Front Gate of Dibrugarh University
  • Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
  • Assam University
  • Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh
  • Gauhati University, Guwahati
  • Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University
  • Tezpur University, Tezpur
  • Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati
  • Kaziranga University

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