Districts of Tripura

Districts of Tripura - Tripura is a northeastern state of India with a population of 3,671,032 (as per census report of 2011) with it's capital at Agartala.

Originally Tripura was divided into 4 districts but as of 21 January 2012 Tripura is divided into 8 districts, each governed by a district collector or a district magistrate. These Districts can be further divided into 23 subdivisions which are governed by a sub-divisional magistrate.

List of Districts of Tripura

Map showing Districts of Tripura
Districts of Tripura

DistrictsArea (sq.km.)Population (2011)Literacy Rate (%)
1. Dhalai240037798888.82
2. Gomati1522.843686886.19
3. Khowai1005.6732739188.37
4. North Tripura1444.541594688.77
5. Sepahijala1044.7848423384.14
6. South Tripura1534.243373785.09
7. Unakoti591.9327733587.58
8. West Tripura942.5591753491.69

Tripura shares international border with Bangladesh to the west, north and south. Tripura shares state borders with Assam and Mizoram. Tripura has a land area of 10491 sq.km. which makes it the third smallest state of India.

List of Subdivisions of Tripura

  1. Kamalpur
  2. Ambassa
  3. Longtarai Valley
  4. Gandachera
  1. Udaipur
  2. Amarpur
  3. Karbook

  1. Khowai
  2. Teliamura

North Tripura
  1. Dharmanagar
  2. Kanchanpur
  3. Panisagar
  1. Bishalgarh
  2. Jampuijala
  3. Sonamura
South Tripura
  1. Santirbazar
  2. Belonia
  3. Sabroom
  1. Kumarghat
  2. Kailashahar
West Tripura
  1. Sadar
  2. Mohanpur
  3. Jirania

Interesting facts:
  • With a literacy rate of 87.75%, Tripura is one of the most literate state of India.
  • Most of the people in Tripura speak Bengali. Kok-borok and Manipuri are prominent among the tribal.
  • Sex Ratio of Tripura is 973 females per 1000 males.
  • Tripura has 60 Assembly seats and 2 Lok sabha seats.
  • 83.40% of the population are Hindu, 8.60% are Muslim and 4.35 % are Christian. Rest follow different religions
  • Agartala is the second largest city of northeast India after Guwahati.

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