State Symbols of Assam

State Symbols of Assam - Assam is represented by its state symbols which are unique and describes Assam at its best. The state symbols of Assam are:

1. State Flower of Assam Foxtail Orchid (Kopou Ful)
2. State Animal of Assam One-Horned Rhinoceros
3. State Bird of Assam White Winged Wood Duck (Deo Hah)
4. State Tree of Assam Hollong
5. State Song of Assam O Mur Apunar Desh
6. Folk Dance of Assam Bihu Dance
7. State Festival of Assam Bihu
8. State Language of Assam Assamese

State Symbols Of Assam

1. State Flower of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় ফুল)

State Flower of Assam : Kopou Ful
State Flower of Assam- Kopou ful
Local Language:Kopou ful (কপৌফুল
English Term: Foxtail Orchid
Scientific Name: Rhynchostylis gigantea

Kopou Ful the State Flower Of Assam blooms during April indicating the start of a new Assamese year. It is an essential part of the Assamese culture.  Girls and women wear Kopou Ful around their bun while they dance bihu. They grow in warm weather and can grow up to 15 more

2. State Animal of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় জন্তু)

State Animal of Assam- One horned Rhino
State Animal of Assam- One horned Rhino

Local Language: Ekhingiya Gorh (এশিঙিয়া গঁড়)
English Term: One-horned rhinoceros
Scientific Name: Rhinoceros unicornis

The one horned rhinoceros  as the name suggest has only one horn and has a thick grey-brown hide. Their horn can grow up to 45 cm. This State Animal of Assam live in forest which are adjacent to water bodies. Due to their extensive hunting they were declared vulnerable in the IUCN Red List.

3. State Bird of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় চৰাই)

State Bird of Assam- White winged wood duck
State Bird of Assam- Deo Hah

Local Language:
Deo hah 
English Term: White-winged wood duck
Scientific Name: Asarcornis scutulata

This State Bird of Assam has white and black spots on its head and neck. The rest of the body is generally brown or black. The male and female are both look alike but the male bird is heavier and bigger than its female counterpart. They mostly feed at night and prefer living in tropical forests with adjacent water bodies.

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4. State Tree of Assam:

State Tree of Assam- Hollong
State Tree of Assam- Hollong

Local Language: Hollong (হোলোং গছ)
English Term: Hollong
Scientific Name: Dipterocarpus retusus

Hollong, the State Tree of Assam can grow up to 45 m tall. Its bark is brown in color. It is used for resin and chopped down for its  wood. Hollong mostly grows in dense forest or along hillside near river.

5. State Song of Assam 
(অসমৰ জাতীয় সংগীত)

Local Language: O Mur Apunar Desh
English Term: O my endearing country
Written By: Lakshminath Bezbarua

"O mur Apunar Dekh" was published first in 1909 in an Assamese magazine "Bahi" and later officially adopted as Assam's state song in 1927. The song glorifies Assam and its beauty.

6. State Folk Dance of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় নৃত্য)

State Dance of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় নৃত্য) Bihu
State Folk Dance of Assam: Bihu

Local Language: Bihu nach
English Term: Bihu dance

The State Folk dance of Assam, bihu dance is performed during the Rongali or Bohag bihu observed in April - the Assamese new year. Young boys and girls would gather near a trees or field and dance during this time. Boys wear traditional dhotis and gamusa while girls wear mekhala sadar with kopou ful on their buns while dancing.

7. State Festival of Assam:

State Festival of Assam Bihu
State Festival of Assam: Bihu

Local Language: Bihu (বিহু)
English Term: Bihu

Bihu is the State Festival of Assam. Bihu is actually a set of three non-religious festivals celebrated in the months of January, April and October.
Bohag or Rongali Bihu is celebrated during April as the new Assamese year begins.
The Kongali or Kati bihu is celebrated during October. Prayers are offered to protect the growing paddy.
Bhogali Bihu is a harvesting festival. So people gather and feast near their fields and it is known as 'bhuj'. The next morning a fire is lit called meji where prayers are offered. 

8. State Language of Assam (অসমৰ জাতীয় ভাষা)

Fonts of Assamese the state language of Assam
State Language of Assam Fonts

Local Language: Akhomiya
English Term: Assamese

About 15 to 20 million people speak Assamese  language. The Assamese Language has 41 consonants and 11 vowels. Assamese is thought to have originated from old Indo-Aryan dialects.

Visit the Assam government website for more state symbols.

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