Districts of Sikkim

Districts of Sikkim - Sikkim is a northeastern state of India with a population of 652,863 (as of 2019) with it's capital at Gangtok.

There are 4 districts in Sikkim each district is governed by a district collector or a district magistrate who is responsible for the civil administration of the district. These districts can be further divided into 16 subdivisions which are governed by a sub-divisional magistrate.

List of Districts of Sikkim

Map of districts of Sikkim
Map of Districts of Sikkim

DistrictsArea (sq.km.)Population (2011)
1. East Sikkim954281293
2. North Sikkim422643354
3. South Sikkim750146742
4. West Sikkim1166136299

Sikkim shares international border with Tibet to the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west. Sikkim shares state borders with West Bengal in the south. Sikkim has a land area of 7,096 sq.km. which makes it the second smallest state of India.

List of Subdivisions of Sikkim

East Sikkim
  1. Pakyong
  2. Rongli
  3. Rangpo 
  4. Gangtok
North Sikkim
  1. Chungthang
  2. Dzongu
  3. Kabi
  4. Mangan

South Sikkim
    1. Ravongla
    2. Jorethang
    3. Namchi
    4. Yangyang

    West Sikkim
      1. Soreng
      2. Yuksom
      3. Gyalshing
      4. Dentam

      Interesting facts:
      • With a literacy rate of 82.6%, Sikkim is one of the most literate state of India.
      • Sikkim is the least populated state of India as per the 2011 census.
      • Almost 81% area of Sikkim is forest.
      • Sikkim has the third highest per capita alcohol consumption rate.
      • Sex Ratio of Sikkim is 889 females per 1000 males.
      • Sikkim has 32 Assembly seats and 1 Lok sabha seats.
      • Gangtok is the largest city in Sikkim.

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