Burhi Dehing - a river suffering from years of plastic pollution.

A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.
-Laura Gilpin
Burhi Dihing, a tributary of the Brahmaputra river- flowing through Margherita, enriching it with life and beauty. Over the years a temple and a large and diverse market has taken its root near the river bank. Once a picnic spot, the river bank has sadly turned into a dumping ground for the shopkeepers and families that have illegally built their homes near the home. Although the workers of Town Committee is responsible for collecting waste from the markets near the river but the workers rarely collect waste.

When no concerned authorities were taking any action, no political parties wanted to solve the problem, the youths of the locality took the matter into their own hands. Students and x-students of Margherita College formed the team Xohai-the helping hand and have began cleaning the river ever since. You can see them cleaning the Burhi Dehing every alternate Sunday.

burhi dehing clean up

Burhi dehing cleanup

Xohai-the helping hand

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